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Hearing Assistance Technologies from Oval Window AudioSpecializing in Hearing Assistance Technologies

Committed to helping deaf and hard of hearing people, Oval Window Audio researches, develops and manufactures hearing assistance systems. The company's staff is often called upon as consultants regarding the application of audio technologies to improve communication accessibility for hearing impaired individuals.

Many business establishments and government agencies have turned to Oval Window Audio to supply hearing assistance systems. Feel free to contact us for references.

Innovators in Hearing Assistance Listening Systems

Founded in 1984 by Norman Lederman, M.S., Director of Research & Development, Oval Window Audio has been the recipient of numerous awards and contracts from the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Department of Education.

Holding degrees in physics, hearing and speech sciences, and audio engineering, Norman's research has led to the successful development of innovative assistive listening systems (ALS) that serve the deaf and hard of hearing population. These systems include the:

Experienced In Serving Hearing Impaired and Multi-Handicapped People

Paula Hendricks, M.A. is the educational director at Oval Window Audio. Paula brings over two decades of experience serving hearing impaired and multi-handicapped children to the company.

Coupled with her background in school administration, special education programming and curriculum development, Paula provides valuable feedback throughout all phases of new product development at Oval Window Audio. In addition, she co-authors all of the company's publications,  articles and educational materials.

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If you have specific questions for either Norman Lederman or Paula Hendricks, simply click on their name to e-mail them directly. You'll receive a prompt response to your inquiry.

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