Induction Loop Assistive Listening Systems Questionnaire

Please fill out and return this questionnaire to enable us to make the best product recommendation to suit your special requirements. Just fill out the form below and click on the "Send" button. If you have trouble filling out or sending this questionnaire, please click here to e-mail us and we will respond immediately. Thank you!

1. Oval Window Audio induction loop assistive listening systems are used in a wide range of situations, from living room TV viewing, to house of worship services.  Please describe your planned application/scenario

2. Systems are available for accommodating small to large areas.  What are the approximate length, width and height dimensions of the area(s) to be covered? If it is a large area, are there balconies?

3. Except for the self contained Portable InfoLoop, our systems include a thin wire that must encompass the listening area.  This wire may be affixed on or above the ceiling if the height does not exceed 12 feet, under carpeting, or in/under wood flooring, or around the room if total perimeter does not exceed 500 feet.  Please identify and describe possible locations for the loop wire:

4. Our systems may be connected to the output of sound systems and/or other audio equipment.  Do you want to connect the loop system to your site’s audio/public address system?

5. Induction loop systems are compatible with almost 50% of hearing aids currently being dispensed in the USA. Lightweight induction loop receivers with headphones are available for the benefit of hearing impaired people who do not have compatible hearing aids.  The large area Satellite III and Superloop PRO III systems include one receiver for setting up and testing the systems.  The small area Microloop II system does not include a receiver.  How many additional receivers will you need?

6. Most of our customers install the systems themselves.  To save our customers the cost of professional installers, we provide detailed instructions and free telephone technical support.  If preferred or necessary, we can provide referrals to local professional installers.  Do you have access to a technically inclined person (someone with an audio-video background), if needed?  Was your sound system installed by a local sound company?

          7. How did you find this Web site?

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