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Calibrating Induction Loop Systems to IEC 60118-4: 2006 Standards

Frequency response: 100-5000Hz ±3dB relative to 1000Hz
Field strength: 400mA/m peak response

“Listening area” has been replaced with “listening volume”, i.e. listening height has to be integrated into the specification. This means that the magnetic field should be homogenous (±3dB) within the listening area and at a stated minimum and maximum height approximating seated and standing positions, for example 1.2m (seated) and 1.7m (standing).

Specified reference level: 400mA/m=0dB. A certifiable loop system must achieve 400mA/m in program peaks.

Background noise is measured with the Field Strength Meter (FSM) in A-filter position. The following is valid for the signal/noise (S/N) ratio relative to 400mA/m=0dB:

  • 47dB S/N ratio is desirable with loop amplifier connected
  • If S/N ratio is lower than 32dB it should be reported and measures to overcome the problem discussed with the loop installer/manufacturer
  • For transitory listening (for example across-the-counter systems) a S/N ratio down to 22dB can be accepted

Before an induction loop system is permanently installed, we recommend:

  • Environmental electromagnetic noise should be checked with the venue’s lights and all electrical systems turned on.
  • The loop wire should be temporarily taped or tacked in place and the system fully tested before performing final installation.
  • To check whether the loop system is interfering with audiovisual systems, the venue’s audio & video systems should be on when testing the loop.
  • If electric guitars are used, they should be checked during the pre-installation loop test in order to determine if their magnetic pickups are sensitive to the planned loop location. For installation guidelines, please click here.

Please note:

  • We have many satisfied customers who simply use our Induction Loop Receiver (included with the Satellite III) to set up their systems. The receiver provides a gross visual LED indication of proper field strength and the installer may check sound quality and noise using the supplied headphones.
  • In order for a looped site to be properly certified as meeting international standards, a calibrated field strength meter kit, such as our FSM Loop Test Set must be used.

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