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Conference Table Microphones  TM-1 Conference Table Microphone for More Natural Sound & Lower Noise Levels

Oval Window Audio’s TM-1 table top conference microphone is designed especially for use with assistive listening systems and conference recording systems where individual or pass around microphones cannot be used. 

conference table microphones When the TM-1 is placed on a table, the 2 inch triangular shaped boundary microphone effectively picks up speech signals up to 6 feet away.  Several of the microphones may be linked for larger area coverage. 

Advantages of this unique boundary conference microphone over conventionalconference microphones designs include:  clearer more natural sound, lower noise level, low vibration sensitivity and minimal visibility. Typical applications for the TM-1 include: sound pick up at office desks, conference tables, counter tops and panel/round table discussions.

  • The TM-1 is compatible with Oval Window Audio’s induction loop assistive listening systems and wireless microphone transmitters. 
  • Compatible with all personal assistive listening devices employing electret microphones such as personal amplifiers, FM, loop and infrared systems.
  • Contemporary and unobtrusive design with large rubber feet that prevent skidding on any surface while reducing annoying table noises.
  • To enhance intelligibility, the microphone has been designed to provide a gentle emphasis of high frequency speech sounds.
  • The maximum recommended pickup range of the TM-1 is 6 feet. However, the usable maximum range may vary from 3 to 12 feet depending on ambient noise conditions and the individual users’ hearing capabilities.
  • The effective pickup range can be expanded by daisy chaining two or more TM-1 microphones with accessory Y-splitters and extension cords. Most audio devices and systems can power several TM-1 microphones.
  • Only $79.95
Click here for TM-1 specifications and an illustration of an application for the  conference table microphone (connecting cords not shown).

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